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SUPER ANTI-DRIFTING FOR complete regularization of droplet size, reduction of spray volume BELOW 50 l/hA and saving spray time.

(under development)

DY20 is a product with very low surface tension, which, when applied to the spraying solution, promotes a better efficiency of agricultural inputs dissolved or dispersed in the solution, due to the reduction of loss during spraying. The enhanced performance is due to the substantial decrease in the static and dynamic surface tensions of the grout, much greater than that obtained with conventional anti-drift adjuvants, as well as the presence in the DY20 formulation of other substances that promote the absolute regulation of the droplet size as well as the covering and the draining of the syrup.

Its spreading power allows an effective coverage of the surface of leaves and fruits, with the formation of a continuous layer of syrup, further promoting the absorption of inputs. DY20 is used to decrease spray volume per area or plant, reducing water usage to less than 50 liters per hectare.

Saves man hours, machine hours and fuel. As it is highly inert and non-ionic, it has no compatibility issues with any pesticides or fertilizers. It is particularly recommended for large areas or to obtain large grout volume reductions.




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